Why a personal website?

Well, first of all, because I can…And also, because today having an internet identity is a must. And if I have to have an online identity, I’d like it to be on my terms.

I mean, all of the tools available out there (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or you name it.) are very cool and everything, but they set very rigid boundaries around you. Yo can use them, as long as you do so under their terms (Yeah, I know. Shocking…). And as we desperately want to be loved and admired by everyone else, we accept those terms no questions asked and we surrender our identities to those tools.

“I don’t surrender anything to anyone!”— someone yells in outrage…—“I only like to share things… If you don’t that’s your problem!”

I totally get that, but the thing is identities are the content people consume nowadays. And as a user of any of those networks you work as a content creator, lending your identity as a commodity used to keep others engaged. So identities need to be formed according to a very specific set of rules, because otherwise they are worthless.

And that’s OK, really. But If you don’t pay attention you might end up thinking you’re the one you present to others in those places. Well… you might be. I don’t know.

I know I’m not. At least not entirely.

So having a personal website is a good way of having an internet identity the way I want to: Knowingly incomplete, and unsurrendered.

Still, if you wan’t to check any of my canned identities yo can go to the following places:

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