Who am I?

Defining myself has been a somewhat troublesome subject for a while…

I mean, defining myself towards others. I know who and what I am, but people generally define themselves after their careers, and that never quite satisfied me.

“I’m a doctor”, “I’m a lawyer”, “I’m an advertiser” or “I’m an engineer” are really easy to say, and people get those right away. But the thing is, all of those say very little about who you are. Even about what you do.

I guess I could say I’m an entrepreneur. But not as a job description, as an approach to living life. I like to think about cool things that should be part of reality, and I take care of building them. But again, this says very little about me.

So I think the best I could do is to tell you about my current mission, i.e., what is currently taking my vital energy. What occupies my mind right now.

I wish it’d be just a simple thing, like “learning how to make good coffee” or “fighting crime one supervillain at a time”, but for better or worse it boils up to something like this:

Collaboration, ethics and negotiation. For the masses.